What we do

Compound Interest

Use the powerful strength of the composite interest in your favor, adding your returns to your capital to start every new month with more balance in your background and you will see your portfolio grow constantly.

We manage your capital

Our algorithm learns from market movements to seek to maximize your investment automatically.

We operate with Exchanges

We integrate into your account by investing the capital, so you will have control at all times!

Your Account and Funds Always under your control

Your funds are safety in your Exchanges, and only we have access to them with your authorization, and only to put orders buy/sell, and check balance, the API is only for this purpose, don’t have access to withdrawals or transfers.

Our Strategy

Our strategy consists of two automated working methods using Artificial Intelligence, to accumulate the cryptocurrency of your choice or capitalize the dollar equivalent of your profits in a stable-coin.

We win when you win

We propose a perfect win-win relationship, which is the principle of abundance. Therefore, all our efforts are aimed at ensuring that your portfolio always obtains the best results, because that is how we also benefit.

Suspend our access whenever you prefer

Thanks to the communication via API with your exchange which is under your control, if something is not to your liking or you want to suppress our service, you only have to delete the API that I create for our connection and thus absolute control is in your hands.